This week we feature Unalike, Feelsom, Pikaso, TaskBill, Nat, Runnaroo and more!
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ISSUE #005

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From the curator👨‍💻

Hi there!

So this week has been incredibly productive for a change. I've managed to find some great features this week, that I absolutely love and I'm sure you would too!
On a side a note, I've decided to change the time that The Slice will go out on Fridays to 11am EST. I also thought that I'd share my process on how I pick my features and what criteria I look for.

I get between 10-15 pitches a week to be featured on my newsletter, but I also do a lot of outreach and the majority of my features are the ones I have personally looked for and reached out to myself, but I'll usually include at least 2 from founders who have pitched me via email or Twitter. Here are the questions that I ask myself when I consider a potential feature,
  • Does it provide value to my audience? (Most important)
  • Does it fit the interest of my audience?
  • Would I genuinely use or recommend it?  
I'v also been playing around with the idea of having a blog, where I can post some long form essays. Btw, I have a Medium page where I have a few articles listed there, and if I go forward with this, I'll most probably move all my Medium posts there, but in the mean time, here are two articles I wrote last year that you might like.

The Problem Most Marketers Have Today.

In 2 Months I Analyzed And Wrote Copy For Close To 700 Seed Round Startups In London, New York, San Francisco And Los Angeles. Here's What I learnt.

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This weeks catches🎣
Here are some SaaS products, apps and extensions that I discovered this week.


Landing page for unalike
Unalike is a collaborative publishing platform designed to give everyone the ability to create and manage both free and membership-based online publications, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and videos.


App store page for feelsom
Feelsom is an iOS wellness platform that allows the user to build healthier habits and find patterns between the things that you do and the way that you feel. Imagine Analytics, but for yourself.


landing page for Pikaso
Pikaso is a Chrome extension that lets you take a clutter-free screenshot of any tweet, that's built for sharing on Instagram, websites and newsletters as well as automating screenshots that get sent to your Dropbox or Google Drive and an intergratable API for your apps.


Taskbill landing page

TaskBill is a time tracker for freelancers and teams that syncs with Basecamp, Asana, Monday, and Trello to easily start and stop timers or log hours against the tasks you already have in your project management system and effortlessly invoice your clients.


landing page for nat
Nat is a personal CRM that automatically figures out who you're losing touch with based on your email and calendar data. They also integrate with Segment to help startups find their super-users without hassle


Runnaroo is a privacy focused search engine that pulls in search results directly from the most relevant web sites. Depending on your search query, Runnaroo will provide direct results from Reddit, StackOverflow, Indeed, Twitter, Hacker News, and over 50 other sources.


My picks of dope newsletters and communities for this week.
Grit List  is a newsletter that's focused on early stage founders that want to improve their side hustle by giving subscribers short articles about personal growth. Really great newsletter with some interesting stuff!

Find That Pod is newsletter that delivers 5 new podcasts you should listen to, which allows you to beat the problem of podcast discovery. I listen to a lot podcasts on a weekly basis and this newsletter is truly amazing with the amount of variety that you get.

Broadwise - Unlike Facebook and online chat groups, this place is focused on deep meaningful discussions.Talk about marketing and product development, ask for feedback on your landing page or idea and promote your own startup or blog.

Podcast of the week🎙️

Podcast of the week goes to the Artificial Intelligence Podcast with Lex Friedman who had Jack Dorsey on the show, if you don't know, he is the founder and CEO of Twitter. In the this episode they delved into Square, Cryptocurrency, and Artificial Intelligence. Really interesting conversation, and if this is something that might interest you as it did me, then check out the podcast here. 

Blog posts/Articles 📚

There is a lot of crap on the internet, so I rifle through it and pick a out gem or two that I found.
I came across this blog post from 2013, titled, "Reset your life" and it really resonated with me because I was in the same situation about 2 years ago, right before I packed my entire life into a suitcase and moved to Bangkok. Check it out here!
Knowledge base/Resources 💡
Free Illustrations - This is a website that allows you to find illustrations and vectors for you next project. Their database has an overwhelming variety, so be sure to check it out!
That's all for this week, I'll be back next week, same time, same place.💪🏻

I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting SaaS products, Podcasts, Communities, bootstrapped startups and interesting creations made by indie founders. Send me a DM on Twitter or email me if you want your creation featured on The Slice
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